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I made this page pretty much to spread this genre of music and also other similar genres.
I’m concentrating on the late 70’s and early 80’s Disco/Hi-NRG because it’s what has influenced today’s EDM obviously because without it, we wouldn’t have had it evolve into House music, and so on and on.
I plan on posting a lot of Disco, Hi-NRG and also other electronic genres from the 80’s like Hip-Hop, Electro, New Wave, Chicago House, some Acid even. Might even occasionally post some Hardcore, Jungle, etc from the 90s.
So if you’re a fan of EDM and like honoring it’s history, or you like this music in general, were alive then, or are just some trendy tumblr hipster who thinks you’ll be the biggest hipster of them all because you can listen to this, than give it a like.







This shits just ridiculous. Probably the worst torture in the history of torture.


So basically it’s a torture device, where a person is put into a room with slow moving sand-paper at the bottom. There is no way out.

The person has to walk forward to keep from getting send to the corner and scraped.

Eventually after days of walking, the person will get tired and won’t be able to anymore.

What happens next, is pretty gruesome and self-explanatory. 


please no

I´m a writer I whisper as I secretly find this extremely fascinating

holy shit that’s horrific

I think the only point in time in life where these would be life saving…..

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The western world needs to rediscover it’s own ancient spirituality and religions.
The teachings and beliefs that Europe’s ancestors followed are just as valid as those of ancient India or other Asian lands. 
And I don’t mean a new-age spirituality like Wicca, as it has very little in common with Europe’s ancient religions.
People all over the world are connecting to their roots, and it truly benefits them and their land. So when will Europe return to their gods and philosophies?
I feel like the farther we all regardless of origin and race, stray from our origins and ancestor’s and our earth and lands, the more sick we become. 
How can we be one if we aren’t being ourselves?

"So if I want Mexicans to learn the name of Quetzalcoatl, it is because I want them to speak with the tongues of their own blood. I wish the Germanic world would once more think in terms of Thor and Wotan, and the tree Igdrasil. And I wish the Celtic world would see, honestly, that in the mistletoe is their mystery, and that they themselves are the Tuatha De Danaan, alive, but submerged. And a new Hermes should come back to the Mediterranean, and a new Ashtaroth to Tunis; and Mithras again to Persia, and Brahma unbroken to India, and the oldest of dragons to China."

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