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Anonymous asked:

regarding the post u reblogged about "proper english" could you further explain that to me? I get that people are judged and classified based off their speech, but shouldn't we strive to speak correct english?


Other Anon: Why is the concept of proper English racist?

Because language changes and can be accompanied with different meanings, semantics, slang, and vernaculars. Corrections are usually made out prejudice as one may see these differences in the language as inferior to “proper English.”

Next you people will be saying intelligence and proper physical health are both racist.


National Geographic May 1977 Malaysia

Grisly trophy is displayed by an Iban, or Sea Dayak. His tribe gave up head hunting after World War II, and many Ibans have settled in towns, gone to school, and become aggressive businessmen. But a few, like these, tread the paths of their forefathers, revering the heads and offering them food. Otherwise, some believe, the heads will eat their owners.

Similar to how the Irish were, even after being Christianized and so called “civilized” by the British they kept head hunting and collection piles of heads and even taking care of them so they wouldn’t rot.
Who wouldn’t want the head of your enemy?





brb trapped in a republican bathroom

seriously this guy looks like olaf and he’s talking about white people ??

White people be like “lol white people amirite??? maybe if I say it enough I’ll become an honorary person of colour. im desperate for peer approval”

"Maybe if I say y’all enough, I can be a black American too!"

Been white for 20 years and have never had a bathroom like that





This is coming out of Houston Texas. Isis members caught. They are here folks.

Be Prepared Not Scared

They picked the wrong state to infiltrate, Texans are well versed in their Second Amendment rights.

Something makes me doubt the legitimacy of this. Only because I feel like a domestic terrorist, would be smart enough to not wear the symbol of his organization if he were about to do terrorizing things. 

Well if you think about it, “ISIS members seen in this city, that city and across the country in this other city” is enough to scare most people. Plus, they can now prove that they are in America to people who doubt them over in the middle east. This is them trying to intimidate their people and the people of the West. The definition of terrorism is, “The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.” It could really be classified as doing terrorizing things.

They’re not afraid to show their colours, in fact they’re very proud to wave around their flags and wear the ISIS symbol. They just expect Americans to be afraid. I hope the next one to go into Texas gets his head shot off

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